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cepezedinterior lustrum project fan

For the occasion of the first anniversary of cepezedinterior, cepezed has published a special set of cards with an overview of work from the past five years. During this period, the designers created an impressive palette of projects; from offices, residences, exhibition set-ups and educational institutions to various types of other public buildings. The cepezed interior team works both independently and closely with cepezed architects, with which it shares the same passion for planning, insight and refined detailing.
The concept of the chart set is inspired by the colour fan; a design instrument that is frequently used in the interior design field. The individual cards have a handy size of 155 x 75 mm; one side displaying a project photo, the other providing concise project information. The cards are kept in a specially designed felt-like cassette made from recycled PET bottles; a reference to the frequent use of biobased and circular materials in the projects of cepezedinterior.
At the festive celebration of the interior lustrum on December 13th, the designers received the first set of cards from cepezed partner Jan Pesman.

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