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van spaendonck ondernemingshuis

cepezedinterior has, together with cepezed, designed the large-scale renovation and modernization of Het Corpac Huis on the Reitseplein in Tilburg which was renamed at the official opening Van Spaendonck Ondernemingshuis. The design is committed to achieving efficient, purposeful interventions to make the building comfortable again, provide it with a pleasant internal and external experience and optimize it's usability, lifespan and cachet of Ondernemingshuis and its surroundings.

The Ondernemingshuis houses a large number of socio-economic and social organizations, had originally a gross floor surface of around 6,000 m2 and was built in 1966-1967 to a design by the Rotterdam architects' office Van den Broek en Bakema.

tilburg / the netherlands

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