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With the merger between Vodafone and Ziggo, the group is busy re-branding and optimizing their organization. In that context, a number of offices and contact centers are being renewed or set up. One of them is the new contact center in Nijmegen, located in the multi-tenant building 52degrees. Around 260 workspaces have been realized on two and a half floors, with a total net floor area of 2.980 m², based on the design of cepezedinterieur.
The design was partly formed by an already existing Look & Feel concept that Vodafone Ziggo uses for its new branches. It consists of a mix of warm natural colors, materials and textures with an eclectic undertone. For the Nijmegen contact center, cepezedinterieur focused on adding a neutral and restrained layer for the workspaces that, spatially and in perception, forms a harmonious contrast with the basic Look & Feel concept. This creates two worlds: a social hub for meeting and consultation and a ring around it for concentrated work. Themes such as comfort, transparency, overview, connection, a healthy working environment and sustainability were leading in the design.
52degrees is characterized by its tilting facades with a dynamic block pattern of closed and open parts, which is also clearly legible inside the building. The elongated, rectangular floors have a zone in the middle with two cores with rising points. From the large core with lifts the entrance to the floor in this middle zone. In the Vodafone Ziggo contact center this strip is designed as the social hub with a recognizable, homely character in the aforementioned warm, natural tones and materials. Here you will find the pantry and informal seating areas as well as the closed meeting and training rooms.
The social hub is a functional shell of light wooden panels with integrated wardrobe, pantry, closet spaces and seating niches. At the same time, the continuous shell acts as a room divider and filter between the hustle and bustle of the meeting zone and the tranquility of the work area outside. The shell is two meters forty high, well separated from the ceiling, forming a pleasant horizon line over the entire office floor. Alternately, visuals such as Vodafone Ziggo identity carriers have been placed.
The workplaces are situated around the facades around the middle zone. There is silence and overview, long sight lines and an understated material palette of soft grays is applied. The dynamics of the façade are reflected into the carpeting in two shades as a shadow effect.
In the project, high priority was given to circularity with sustainable materials and as much reuse of products as possible. The furniture of the meeting and work areas consists largely of a combination of reused and refurbished second life office furniture.


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